Intake vaccum leak

Adam E

New Member
Oct 29, 2019
hey guys hope ur all well,

I am currently dealing with an air Vacumm leak with my 66cc china girl. I have tested my intake (reed valve with 16mm keihin clone) and it is all sealed up. I have also checked my left magneto side crankcase seal. There was a little bit of oil on the magneto so I replaced the seal and it got a little better but the bike still has a leak. This leads me to my question. What are all the possible places for a vaccum leak in these motors. I know it’s an air leak because I’m all of a sudden running lean and sometimes the bike won’t idle while sometimes the idle shoots wayyyy up. Also has a pretty bad lean bog. Tmrw I will test the other crank seal. Anyways. Please let me know where I should check. It’s not my intake or left Crank seal. Thanks in advance.