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    I put a 66cc skyhawk on a trek 970, an old but good bike and have ridden it for a year. I go 14 miles round trip to work each day. For me this is fun and a hobby. I am interested in getting more out of this motor. I have found the oil to gas mix ratio to be way wrong for my bike if I follow the 26to1 ratio. I have stalls and plug fouls. I am interested in what you guys do and some cost effective upgrades. I am interested in a better exhaust, and carb. Hi all!!!usflg Additionally, I am retired AF, work for the city. Any one got recomendations about a carb or exhaust?
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    Pull your spark plug what color is it should be light brown Norman's section has pictures...lot of folks here swear by opti-2 oil from Ace hardware running as little as 100:1
    Check the setting on the needle on the slide in your carb if you live at sea level most likely should go on center knotch (the little split washer) again there are pictures on Norm's section. welcome aboard from Dallas area!
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    Welcome to the forum. Glad you've decided to join us.
    Your fuel mix is a bit on the oil rich side. By now you can safely move up, or down as you see fit to call it, to a 32:1 mix. Reducing the oil in your fuel will make for a better running engine. As George n Texas suggested you might want to explore some of the other oil options available. Personally I use the Opti-2 oil and run it at the recommended 100:1 mix. I've had very good luck with it...so far. Others have had good results with some of the synthetics out there and run them at the recommended 50: to 80:1 mix. If you're shy about the low oil contents of these products then opt for a good grade of air cooled 2 cycle oil but don't run it higher than 32:1. I think you'll be pleased with the way your engine responds. Keep us posted.
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    Welcome to the forum. My China girl seems happy with 24:1, despite the fact that I'm running a plug that is slightly cooler than stock. Every motor is a little different, I guess.

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