Howdy from Ohio


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Jan 10, 2017
New Jersey
Nice road bike and welcome to the board. I am new too.

Motorized bike laws in Jersey suck too. The thing is, even if you're all legal there are some roads you still can not ride on.



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Apr 14, 2013
Welcome to the clubhouse!! Nice look'n bike.

Guess I'm lucky that I live in a state that if you don't act irresponsible, they tend to leave you alone.......the cops just wave as I whizz by.


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Jan 2, 2017
Warren, MI
Live in Ohio and my name is Brent, duh. Just found out today in order to be legit I would need to get my bicycle inspected and it is automatically considered a motorcycle so it would have to have turn signals, brake light, horn, license plate light. And not to mention motorcycle endorsement and insurance. So I guess I'm going to be ridin' dirty. Thought I could just register it as a moped but nope. Are the Ohio laws regarding a bike with a motor normal ? (My Avatar is a pic of the bike with ape hangers and pic I posted is after I put on conventional bars). brnot

just print this out. fill it out. take pics showing the bike has all the necessary equipment. then take it all to the bmv.


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Feb 28, 2010
Welcome you 2 new guys, lots of help around here, but also a lot of critical evaluation or your builds...

Most all of it is about SAFETY so I suggest you don't take offense to it, take advantage of the advice, it may save your life.

Sweet looking chopper that draws a lot of attention, but that includes cops...

...And after looking at your bike, cops stopping you have a good reason I think, you are a danger to yourself.

There is no such thing as a safe Motorized Bike with just a rear coaster brake.
Ironically your whole bike theme is death, but you really don't want that for yourself I suspect ;-}

That front fork has to go, it has no place on any motorized bike.
It's a cool decorative fork for pedal bikes, but it's a mechanical disaster under speed.

It has no brake mounts for a reason, if you stopped the front wheel at 20mph the whole fork would crumple at the curved back attachment point and throw your butt.

Again, welcome to the forum and sweet looking build, but we gotta get you safe ;-}