howdy folks


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Oct 3, 2016
Hi - I'm meezy from brooklyn.

i've had this great, iron-clad chicago-made ~1972 schwinn collegiate sport that i just can't get rid of, even though i can't really ride it comfortably. love the frame and the build - but it's just too small for me... unless i take drastic measures with the seat post, stem, and handlebars, my knees hit my elbows when i pedal - however - i think this would make a perfect motorized bike... wide wheel base, low profile, handles curves really well...

normally i take on projects like a viking - thoughtlessly with a full-frontal attack and a bunch of wasted time and money...

...this time, i thought i'd do something novel - THINK! - and ask ADVICE from people with EXPERIENCE - before i just bought some random crap that i might regret...

so now that we're acquainted, i'll soon write my first post with my half-baked ideas and eagerly await responses and suggestions.



Oct 15, 2016
How you doing meezy? I'm originaly from N.Y. myself.

I don't know much about engineering/customizing MB's but I've been tinkering for years, especially with bikes. That bike you have there looks nice slim lined and elegant. Iron welds good I hear. Seriously though I have no idea what to tell you as I'm in 2 builds myself one of which will be a front bracket weld attempt. Welding is the way to go if your starting from scratch IMO. Hopefully a Vet will come through and comment. I'm new here to so I'll pull up a chair. Oh and welcome as well.