hey everyone here's my plans please tell me what you think!!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mikeab13, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Hello everyone!! Soon to be friends an family I hope!! I'm very excited to dive head first into the world of motorized bikes. A little back info. I just bought a car an it has literally been taken by my beautiful wife! Of course I still pay for insurance gas etc. So I've decided to build me a motor bike. I was looking at this one at target. Men's Rip Curl Cruiser Bike - Grey/Yellow (26"). Please if u have any experience with this bike it would be much appreciated. I have 150-200 to spend on a motor. I live 7miles from my work so it will be putting me their an back 5 days a week. I live in fort myers fl. So weather is humid an hot. Also clos to sea level. I was reading this affects certain tweeks. So I want chain driven motor. Any suggestions. What other things should I get. Brakes? I will be getting lights Cuz I get out of work at nine. Any good ones? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I look forward to building learning an growing here. I also hope I don't build such an awesome bike my wife takes it too low!
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    Welcome aboard.

    You'll find helpful folks and a lotta good info. I commute to and from work on mine in all but the very worst weather. It's six miles, one way. Comparable to your commute. It's completely do-able.

    As far as learning how to get your particular bike really road-worthy is concerned, I'd got to the top of any of these pages and find the "search" box. Then type in "Huffy Cranbrook". That particular model has gotten a lot of discussion around here. You'll find all sorts of suggestions that'll also pertain to your bike.

    So good luck and have a blast!
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    I gave you my advice in your other topic about this.
    Making more topics does not get more input, just scattered input.
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    If your budget only allows $109 for the bike I'd be looking for a used cruiser.
    One with real brakes , good welds , and quality components.
    The bike you listed has none of the above... Sorry....

    Here is a nice 1995 Schwinn. It's a bit more money , but a good start to a gas bike....


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    start here or a bike like it.

    a two stroke would probably do you, but a four stroke would too, either should fit in the type of bike you are looking at.

    you might be in the range of an E-bike, maybe but not at that budget unfortunately.

    good luck and have fun.

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