Hello everybody, I've allready got some questions!

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    Hi, I'm new to this motorized bike community and I was wondering if there are any places on the internet other than the links attached around this website that sell some engine kits for less than $100. I'm sure the answer is going to be no but I'm trying to put together my first motorized bike for less than $200. This is because it is a learning experience for me and I'd like to figure out what these kits are all about before I put together a permanent ride. Also I'm wondering if anyone has put a motor on any of the stretch cruiser bikes that are out there such as the Phat Cycles, Phattitude Stretch bicycle. Any information on how to mount a bicycle motor onto one of these types of bicycle would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    Welcome to the forum. You've found the best place for help and answers to your questions.

    Unfortunately the days of under $100 kits are probaly gone. They've been steadily increasing in price over the last year or so. There are a few still available on ebay for just over a hundred but beware that there are some disreputable sellers out there who will not stand behind their products. Our advice is always to look for a good seller instead of looking at the bottom line.

    As for mounting on a stretch, here's where to start > Stretch Cruiser & Chopper Motorized Bicycles - Motorized Bicycle: Engine Kit Forum

    Good luck, have fun.
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    Welcome...Since you are new to MB's, may I suggest latching on to a bicycle that will fit as (has to be a 2 cycle $$$) with special frames you will run to (I think) more then you can bite off.

    Here are some mounting ideas..

    Engine Mounting pictures by Ron-Becker - Photobucket

    Keep in mind a optimal "V" angle is 75 degrees.

    Here is something that might help.
    Pre build and engine modifications.doc

    It's just not buying one and throw it in a frame, unless that is if you want it to last. And for goodness sake... It took me about a total time of over 10 hours (spread over 2 days) to put this piece of work together. And I'm a experience mechanic. Yes there are some Ebay sellers I wouldn't buy a nail from.

    [​IMG]Total cost just under $300.00 w/new bike. These are all with mods that I do or make.
    Mikes HT bike pictures by Ron-Becker - Photobucket
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