Florida to new mexico 2


Jun 13, 2019
Well it looks like you can run out of characters.So I will keep going in this thread.I am editing the photos so it will be a small photo story.Thank you for your patience.This is the most writing I have done since I failed the G.E.D.

the seats

Beleave it or not the seats where not said to be any problem.Though I susspect that it may have been in combination with his sleep system.That lead to some of Tony's discomfort.Me I am a natural born iron butt and don't expect to be comffy on a bicyle seat.We both had wider peddeling style seats.Mine came with a newish marin saddle.Tony had a old trek seat that needed some love.So we skint it and coverd it in blue snake skin leather.

the shoes

I kind of got stumped on the shoes.Living in Florida I wear flops all year long.And figured I would want some realy lite shoes.But a brainfart over came me in the Cheap region of the brain.And thought a pair of water shoes are cheap and lite,and don't need socks.I even talked Tony into the loonisy{which way did they go I'm there leader}. To much money was saved and new sneakers from walmart where bought,on day two ending the nightmare.I picked up a pair of screen vented sneakers worn barefoot.

the helmet

Hay we both might be crazy but we are not stupid.We both brought a helmet all though they where not common bike helmets.Tony took a old cowboy hat and cut the rim off of it,and glued it to his helmet.For that personal touch.I took an old hocky helmet.So I could wear a camo ball cap under it with a viser.We usually only wore them when the motor was running.

the fuel and oil

I carried my fuel in a metal 40oz bottle in my everthing cage and 4ozs of oil in two 2oz traval shammpo bottles.Each motor held about 20ozs and whould last about one hour of run time.Tony used two 750mil metal bottles in his cages.After about an hour strait on the bike.We would want to get off and refuel.Take the time to stretch our leggs and smoke a cig.Fuel turned out to be hard to pay for in cash,because of the small amount we would buy.It turned out to be easyer to pay at the pump for 0.87 cents in gas.Oil in the tiny motor was used pretty hard.So some would be sloshed out and new poured in every couple of days.

the Fears
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