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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SlowmobileRider, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Good morning bicycle forum! My name is Mark, my bike is named the Slowmobile. I built it out of a schwinn fairlady that I found in my uncle's garage. It's supposed to be a little girls bike. A few years ago I worked the christmas season at target. While working there I found that large amounts of fun could be had by riding the tiny little girls bikes around in the back room. A couple years later I discovered the chinese engine kits. The two seem like a good match to me, so I did it. After some difficulty with tearing up 20 inch wheels the machine is now quite solid. I highly recommend the manic mechanic sprocket adapter from pirate cycles.

    Also, a couple weeks ago i ordered a "jet" motor kit from zone8 cycling, and received a skyhawk instead. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal since it only cost 140 including shipping, and the skyhawk normally lists for about 175. Don't know if they are still doing that, but saving 50 bucks is great in my book.
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    Welcome to the forum...

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