finished my 1st build!!!!

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    just got done with my first build after having to replace a bad cdi thank for the resistance reading guys!! ran motor though a few short heat cycles before taking her out for a spin. Loved every moment of it!!! got a lot of raised eyes and a lot of questions. After riding a couple of hours and debugging a few small items I heard a clanging sound, narrowed it down to the nipple on the bottom of the muffler. Stock muffler on a skyhawk 66cc kit can this be repair or do I need to replace it. if so i'm not against performance but would like something a little quieter. also had to bend the muffler a bit to clear the peddle arm.

    thanks for any info!! and to spooky tooth, bikeberry and pirate cycle for the kit and after market sprocket adaptor to make my project come together.
    p.s. might need some custom or longer cables when I go to pimp my ride.
    any suggestions???

    Thanks again
    Ron j

    Road America's Rockin Ronny
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