Electric trike for 2019 a steel frame Miami Sun


Feb 23, 2019
I'm putting the history of how I got here with the Miami trike below and get right to the business of electric trikes.This post got pretty long

I may need to put 10 to 12 miles a day and weight is a bit of an issue but I can transport the bike by trailer or shove it in the back of my pick up, if needed. I'm thinking a 24 volt 350 watt could meet my needs, but I can't be stranded so I want a little more juice to be safe if I really need it. I weigh 200 lbs and terrain is mostly flat !!

I like the brushless DC motors for their efficiency but the m y 1016 1018 and 1020 motors are really cheap.
and lead acid batteries are a bit heavy

I've looked at a bare bones luna mid mount type motor and some of the ones that replace the bottom bracket They are so futuristic and sexy looking.

Other options like a front wheel hub drive sound good. I need to be able to drive my trike through the landscaped and grassed areas of these shopping centers. There won't be any off-road type hazards

It's nice to have so many options. If a front hub kit would be okay GREAT It would be so easy.

I like brushless dc gear reduction motors too.

I need a trike to make my retirement job easier. Arthritis is a little easier if one stays physically active in spite of it. I do maintenance on shopping centers some of them 20 + acres We will fix or clean up an hour or so a day, a couple days a week.

It works great for us and we are better off than sitting around getting stiffer and older LOL

I'm going for it and its going to be great fun !!!!!!

I have to work with what I have. I bought and returned a beautiful adult trike TWICE from the major bike retailer. I'm not going to say anything negative about the retailers or the bike company because both did all they could to get me a good trike.

The trikes couldn't survive the shipping from china. The first one arrived with a badly bent rim 4 inches of paint chipped off and rear wheels that were very resistant to turning. It was returned

2nd trike : Paint chipped same area and the rear axles had unreasonable resistance for a shaft with 4 bearings and I could hear and feel a clunking as part of the shaft was hitting the housing inside !

The bike company sent replacement parts and I had them within 3 days of calling customer service. I asked where to ship back the old parts and they said just get rid of them. I intend in the future to fix the trike rear end I am left with and build another trike.

I bought a used Miami trike for now.

I'm not in the least irritated when it's all said and done I will have two trikes, I will have an electric miami sun trike and a frankenstein 4 stroking 3 wheel beast LOL.

I can't wait to build a stealth electric beach cruiser so I can enjoy the bike and walking trails I can't do on foot now LOL


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Dec 31, 2014
Old guys will sort out the difficulties & work through most of the pain...there's quite a few of us lot here on the forum.

Rick C.
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