Do you guys ever get.....

Feb 2, 2017
Do you guys ever get bad looks from people while riding on your motorized bicycle, especially on trails? When you are approaching a lady pushing a stroller, do you shut off the motor or do you just zoom pass her screaming 10,000 RPM's? What about people walking dogs, do you shut the motor off in fear of spooking the dog?

Have you ever got into an heated argument before with someone who didn't agree with your motorized bicycle and all the noise it makes? Let's hear your stories! :)
Jan 21, 2015
Portland, Oregon
I recently met a biker who started badmouthing me for parking my bike in a bike rack. I decided to play a little joke on him, so I faked a limp when I got off my bike and asked "You got something against disabled people?", he backed off really fast and got a lot of dirty looks from the people around him.

Other than that, I find that most people think my bike is pretty cool, rather than hating on it. If people look especially interested and I'm not in a hurry, I'll stop and tell them a bit about my bike and let them get a closer look. The exception is some of the spandex road bikers, who look at me as if I was the devil, come to destroy all that they love. Anyone who gives me dirty looks or middle fingers, I blow by them at 50 mph and yell "cheater on your left!" as I pass.


Nov 18, 2016
i always get compliments and questions. when on a bicycle people pass me on the left within inches of my handlebar. on my motorized bike they go all the way into the other lane. around here i come across as something new, different, strange, unusual. when i went to the registry to register it the lady at the counter didn't have a clue. she had been working there for 6 yrs and never processed one. she had to call boston and finally agreed my paper work was all OK.... 2nd build different clerk had done one before a few yrs ago. many cops, state , local, sheriff see me never a problem. i have 3 motorized bikes now i ride whenever the temp is above 32* i am semi retired with plenty of time to ride them.
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