Debating which motor to buy for long distance charity ride!


Jan 28, 2014
I mean I could go with any ole motor off the online classifieds, anywhere from $15 to $50, whether its a trimmer or what have you. I am tempted to do it, BUT I think there will be more cost involved. I have nothing fancy, just placing it on a trailer, to push my bike for endless miles.

Do you think I should go for 4 stroke?

I know those trimmers are like 30cc 2 strokers, I dont know if they'd last 100 miles. I see the ads on the sidebar and I can get a 80cc/65cc for $129usd, then shipping would be what? another $30-40?

440 lbs. all in. Stuff like a tent, mini stove, mini propane cannister, sleeping bag, water, food, clothing, ebike batteries/motor/controller (this is for riding on pathways, in city parks, some counties have a law in place like British Columbia), myself I am not a light man neither, factor in 375lbs generously.

Trailer will be an inline single wheel BOB trailer, custom made as I have a welder now.

Larry Trotter

Well-Known Member
Nov 26, 2017
Where you are doing this may have an influence on what you buy. Sounds like you will be wanting gas and electric, then an electric front hub motor and a China Girl gas motor. If you have displacement limits where you will be going then likely get a 50cc from ebay, $80.00 delivered in the us. One time item for the ride, use it and toss it away. I would think you would want a fairly low gear ratio, you can get 48 tooth rear sprockets easily on ebay and there is a 9 tooth front available, that should get you a good 20 mph bicycle that will pull you. How long do you have to build this thing and where are you going to run it?