Clutch plate guide pins grinding...


Jun 26, 2015
So, two weeks ago I wanted to ride my bike to work and on my way to work I noticed my clutch was slipping pretty bad so I turned around and removed the clutch cover to adjust it. I noticed that the 3 pins had been rubbing the cover, no idea how.

Fast forward to now I decided I was going to fix it and clean my air filter in the process. I readjusted the clutch again because I like to have it engage at the middle of the clutch lever and I rushed it last time, caused all the screw heads to strip because I live 10 minutes from work and had 5 minutes to fix the problem so I chose to use an electric drill to remove and reinstall the cover, lol. Replaced em' with hex heads.

Here's what the issue looked like in the cover after cleaning it up.

A picture of the cover next to the clutch itself to show it is the three clutch plate pins....

My solution to this issue, since its just barely scratching the cover I just added another gasket and stuck em together with RTV. This will add more then enough clearance. Also cleaned out old grease and replaced it with new stuff. Didn't see any metal flake from the rubbing but I'm sure there was some in there.

My bike had a bit of a gap in the front of the clutch case so I just filled in with RTV to be 100% sure water cant get in there and cause slippage as I ride off the road quite a bit.

Finished with shiny new bolts.