Clutch Arm Impossible to Pull

Aaron Woodgate

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Dec 19, 2018
I recently bought a zeda 88cc 2 stroke kit to install on an old bike. I'm brand new to this and just put it together in the living room of my apartment so I anticipated some problems, but everything went together pretty smoothly. Unfortunately, I believe the clutch might have been broken out of the box.

The clutch arm (the slightly angled piece of metal that rotates on the block) is nearly impossible to pull. At first I was just using the manual to put it together and I thought I just wasn't strong enough, but after watching some videos mine just doesn't rotate. With both me and a friend pulling as hard as we could on the arm, we could barely get it to rotate more that about 15°. Also, at no point have I been able to actually been able to have the clutch engaged and move the back wheel, it has been locked the whole time.

I saw some other posts where people mainly just said to grease the wires (not the correct term sorry) but it's definitely not the wires that are the problem as I can't even move the arm by hand.

There also isn't really any shops near me so this kinda has to be something I fix.

javy mcdees

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Jul 30, 2018
yea I am having clutch woes at the moment too. that tiny sweet spot is hard to find on the first shot, gotta get to expert level, do it over and over and over till you buy new parts!


allen standley

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Oct 22, 2011
Bangor, Maine
From your description of the prob sounds to me, something is binding. I would remove the cable from the actuating arm, the 3 bolts holding the sprocket cover and remove it. Behind the cover and in the center of the drive sprocket you should see a piece of rod sticking out. with your fingers pull out that rod (bucking bar). Behind the bucking bar buried in the grease - in the hole, should be ONE ball bearing. If @ factory 2 were mistakenly placed this would cause a binding situation which would prevent the actuating arm from functioning. Try checking that then get back...

The last couple engines I have purchased had stuck clutches. To un-stick the clutch in this situation, Remove the 5 bolts on the clutch cover-with clutch cable hooked up, disengage and lock the clutch using the button on clutch lever. Take a rubber mallet or Hammer and tap around the out side edges of Clutch plate til you hear a soft pop or a change in the sound of your hammer tapping...