Chain alignment issues!

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    Hi I am new to this. built a Phat seabreeze cruiser with a grubee stage III kit(4-stroke huasheng motor). I want to use my existing freewheel hub/v-brake setup. bolted the 9-hole sproket to the spokes(standard kit setup) there is a little wobble, doesnt look tooooo bad...
    I want to make a more solid mount. Any suggestions on a freewheel hub for the rear(no coaster brake) or a sprocket mount that bolts to a hub rather than the spokes??? Theres gotta be something that works better.Model #'s? "flip flop hub for a fixie? bmx hubs? complete wheel setup ideas? also the chain tensioner seems like a ghetto setup. anybody tried a gear as a tensioner? or motorcycle/downhill bike chain guides?
    As it is, my chain keeps pulling off the sprocket and binding, bending teeth! sooo frustrating!

    I appreciate any ideas and help. Thanks everybody!
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    Hi gcruiser, Welcome...

    If you bending teeth and tossing off the chain there must be a a alignment problem. The rear rag-joint, sprocket and tensioner work great if installed correctly.

    There are different options,You may want to look into a Shift Kit from Sick Bike Parts LLC - Performance parts for your motorized bicycle or a sprocket adapter from Manic Mechanic (CB-In Stock) and Clamshell Adapters | Parts for Gas Powered Bicycle Motor Kits | Live Fast Motors - Gas Motorized Bicycles and Gas Powered Bicycle Motors

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