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    Well they look cool, thanking about building one I got this chromalloy M T B frame just sitting there thanking the H. F. 212 cc or the 79 cc (i no it not 50 cc ) but I'm not going to act like a fool in front of cops I'll get lights and all that stuff. I'll just open it up on long windy hilly roads I like those Morin engines and those cag engines seam good just wondering if it could be bored bigger than 50 cc if anybody has the dimension thanks. I want a big engine cause I'm a big guy and there's hills where I live. I know it will take a little work I built a 1963 F-100 with a Corvette engine A 1963 V. W. dune buggy with a Porsche engine with a v.w. bus trans, boxed in my trailing arms 930 CV's built the roll cage for it. I was thanking a bike shouldn't be to hard . Hey I seen a Chevy powered bar stool why not a Chevy power bike no just kidding
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    Hey buggy064, welcome to the forum glad you joined us.

    Be sure to share your build with us when you get started.

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