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    Which oil? **HELP PLZ**

    Just my opinion. But I would use the dino oil for break-in. Synthetic afterwards for the long term. Reason? Parts need to wear in and synthetic is a little too good for that.
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    Stock motor 38MPH

    STOCK+9000rpm=trouble. Around 20mph/5000rpm,these engines seem reliable. The metallurgy and balancing of these cheap engines is a crapshoot.
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    Stock motor 38MPH

    ^^^^x2^^^ No way with a 44t sprocket and 26" wheel
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    Why I don't need a rope starter

    I like to warm up my engine before riding so I don't have to fumble with choke (un-safe). What works for me is to lean bike over on kickstand and spin rear wheel with clutch engaged. My engine always starts in less than 1/2 revolution....after it starts I lock the clutch and let it warm up until...
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    old man

    Yup, plenty of advantages of getting old. I feel like I have been liberated, I speak my mind the why I believe without fear of offending someone. When I have to go shopping I just go without a whole lot of prepping. Best of all is I no longer have to spend extra to buy products with a 30 year...
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    old man

    Thank you guys. Glad I joined this forum...had no idea I would find so many old farts here. My wife said I look like a fool riding that bike at my age and was afraid someone would take me to the crazy house. I showed her this forum and told her it is going to have to be a large crazy house!!!dance1
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    Welcome Doug....I'm 70 years old and just built 2nd first bike. First one was 56 years ago built out of an old 2 cycle go-cart engine. I skipped school one day to build it. Told my mom I was sick so I had to build it in the bedroom....burn marks from welder are still in the
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    old man

    I am a 70 year old man who likes to tinker. Was getting a little bored so I started watching you-tube videos and ran across this subject. Got a cheap 49cc kit off Amazon. I thought it would give me a day of tinkering but I finished it in about 2-1/2 hours. I have already put 60+ miles on it and...