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  1. Solmangrundy

    55mph Dio Reed Gt80 Rse Zeda PK80 80cc MOTOR ENGINE KIT GAS MOTORIZED BICYCLE

    Zeda 80 Engine: Complete - Assembled - Lower End -Big Engine Mount Studs (8mm x 1.25) -Wide Front Engine Mount "Big Tube" (40mm Spacing) ZL-E80 Rod Crank -Long Stroke (40mm) -Long Rod (Type B Piston) -Wide Crank (Pre-Stuffed Case) -Thick Crank Bearing Casting's (Pre-Stuffed Case)...
  2. Solmangrundy

    49cc vs 66/80cc Which is a better buy

    a reed valve and expansion chamber significantly reduced my engine vibration and stopped its "four-stroking" at high rpms. it use to kick, rattle, and scream when id blow down hills with the stock intake/exhaust now it just screams and has a significant torque increase.
  3. Solmangrundy

    Preformace Exhaust/Intake/Carb first use review.

    first time using bolt on performance parts and im very pleased with the results. Bike runs way smoother on top and low rpms, has a lot more get up n go, only gruff is the Reed valve seems to like a high idle otherwise it'll die. video: parts...
  4. Solmangrundy

    Fuel Filters: Are They Needed ?

    i always run my machines with fuel filters. its pretty much the last/final defense against carb crud and doesn't take up that much space if any.
  5. Solmangrundy

    Texas Riding Blog

    my advice is act and treat your motor bike like its a motorcycle, cops in my area have pulled over bicyclists for breaking traffic laws (rolling through stop lights/signs mostly), but I've never been stopped for riding my motor bicycle around town let alone been told it was "illegal" the only...
  6. Solmangrundy

    its just my progression as i build these, so far Mach 1 and 2 are destroyed. Them being my first...

    its just my progression as i build these, so far Mach 1 and 2 are destroyed. Them being my first builds i didn't really have any idea what i was doing so they eventually fell apart. Still using the same 2-stroke motor though lol. I think i got lucky on it being a "good" one despite it coming...
  7. mach 3 "RoadMaster"

    mach 3 "RoadMaster"

  8. Solmangrundy

    Need help identifying this engine brand.

    haven't heard back from the guy i bought it from yet, wonder if anybody on here might know what specific brand this motor might be. it has 3 wires coming from the magneto, a curved clutch arm, short intake, and flat head case screws that would make it "unique" to who manufactured it. My other 2...
  9. The Mach Two

    The Mach Two

  10. Solmangrundy

    just ordered one of your chain tensioners, so far I hear it's pretty rock solid. You still using...

    just ordered one of your chain tensioners, so far I hear it's pretty rock solid. You still using your original one?
  11. Solmangrundy

    Texas Riding Blog

    I'd be up for it if you still got it with the petcock (i repurposed the one i had for a mini bike), Thinking about just swapping my engine over to this
  12. Solmangrundy

    Texas laws???

    All I've really heard you can do is register it with local police at the station to say that's your bike. Edit: And maybe when you do that you can probably get a stamped plate and weld it on or dremmel your name somewhere inconspicuos. Personal choice, I think all the cops do is take a...
  13. Solmangrundy

    Texas laws???

    having to use specific wording feels like a dirty trick to me though. Pretty much in my defense I'd say "ok so what if you were minding your own business and this happened and the only reason why im in court today is because i didnt know the complete definition of self propeled at the time yet...
  14. Solmangrundy

    Got T-boned in Texas Friday

    I've always assumed that no one can see me on the bike (coming, going, right in front of them) as I have a hard time seeing bicyclists myself while driving a car. Get Well Soon.
  15. Solmangrundy

    Texas laws???

    Self propelled is an confusing word to some people as it easily translates into anything that moves under its own power at any speed. IMO word entrapment there. As far as taking off I agree, its really slow/hard getting these little engines to take off from a dead stop without having to pedal...
  16. Solmangrundy

    Texas Riding Blog

    My experiance from beginning to end. Started off getting a speed bike for christmas of 2013 and wanted to put a motor on it I managed to find what I think is a Flying Horse 80cc kit on ebay for $109. After getting the engine and trying to put it on the bike in my room I quickly found out the...
  17. Solmangrundy

    Low Budget Fixie

    My bad, if it wasnt for yall i would've kept thinking that "Fixie Bike" was just the frame styling since i usualy see them looking a lot like what i've got. You learn something new everyday.
  18. Solmangrundy

    Gas and Oil Ratio Question and Disscussion

    im pretty much trying to get at, at what point does adding more/less oil help like are you getting more combustion out of a lean oil mix instead of going on the rich side.
  19. Solmangrundy

    Gas and Oil Ratio Question and Disscussion

    Just woundering if it makes a diffrence going from 16:1 to 20:1 and so on. Is there any benifit/gain or is the only purpose is to produce less smoke?
  20. Mach 1

    Mach 1