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    How did you get injured on your motorized bicycle?

    Well about a month ago, I was going to get the mail, perhaps 50 bike lengths away. The lobstermen were working on their traps, there was a new sternman with a pitbull. I coudn't see inside the stack of lobster traps, as they were shaped in a c pattern. Well I'm going about 15 mph and that's...
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    Can you please tell us where you got the flange bearings, and what the dimensions are?

    Can you please tell us where you got the flange bearings, and what the dimensions are?
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    Cannonball Builds a Briggs and Scrap Iron

    When I was a mechnic, we had a lot exhaust flnges, well if you cut them at just the right angle, the are 1/4" thick and work well.
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    Huffy Cranbrook. To motorize or not?

    If you read my post, you will see I have a Drum rear brake, along with a rear brake, also with a front brake. The fenders are bullit proof, the front end has been replaced. And just because I am retired I hve been a Master Mechanic for 40 years. Money is tight, I have to make it right.
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    Huffy Cranbrook. To motorize or not?

    Take a look at my bike. at lest 1500 miles. No problem with the bike at all. Search My old bike by Scrollerguy.
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    Cannonball Builds a Briggs and Scrap Iron

    Did you make the engine support out of angle iron or flat steel?
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    Cannonball Builds a Briggs and Scrap Iron

    How do you attach the rear large sprocket? Did you say it bolts on?
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    Invisible Whizzer

    If you assume everyone is out to kill you, and the eye to eye contact won't do anygood either. The person in the driveway will pullout in front of you at the wrong time. Look around the curve, and don't assume anything. They don't follow the laws. Look left and right, and left and right...
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    Predator 670cc V Twin bike

    Well, Well, Now you're in my area. A few years ago I built a bike that ws reinforced with not only king pins, and 1/4 inch steel, and I did it withe GX160 with a Stage 3 kit. Being 72 now I can't remember quite what went into it, all I know it was expensive. It GPS'd out at about 59mph...
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    costom motored bicycles

    I just talked with Lynn the other day, she told me she also has another website as well. Of course I can't think of it, but it's something It's on my other computer and I saved it. Ihave to look and post it tom. She is also selling 2016 bikes as well.
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    4G T drive bearing conversion

    Cobrafreak are you still on this forum? I have PM'D you and no response. Thanks in advnce. Scrollerguy
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    Do You Ride In The Middle of The Street?

    Here in Maine, you are supposed to ride as close to the right hand side safely. What I do, is I'm always checking my mirros to see if anybody is behind. If a curve is coming up and I do'nt think it is safe for the car, I will ride the center line, then when it is clear, I will motion them...
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    I'm going to post this because a lot of people detest Huffy bikes. Nuff said.
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    Trying to contact bicycle designer, have left messages.

    The product in question is this harmony-sprocket-adapter. What I want to know is this, will this fit on a 21 speed 27.5 Mongoose?
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    Trying to contact bicycle designer, have left messages.

    Been trying to contact bicycledesigner, they have a product that looks great, but I want to ask a question, I need an answer. They don't answer their phones, and don't respond to e-mails. Has anybody had any dealings with them? Better yet, has anyone used their products?
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    kings motors gt 80

    Maybe this will help, I have 2 of the balanced motors from Dax, they both arepowerful motors. I also have a real Grubee "80", and they blow the Grubee away. I run a 40 tooth rear sprocket. Good luck, I have never had any problems with Dax!cvlt1
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    My huffy cruiser build [jmrl] [first]

    If you go to, you will find all sorts of devices for your needs.
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    Maine laws... :(

    The law in the Ste O' Maine is this...A motorised bike is not, and cannot be regisyered. You have to have a license to operate it. The bike may not be any larger than 49cc, and must have an automatic trans. Furthemore top swpeed is limited to 20 miles an hour. You can thank the Bikers...
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    old guy

    Hey all you "old guys", here is another one. I'm 72 and still drive my big scooter as well as my 3 motorized bikes. I will not stop untill I am forced to! Love anything with 2 wheels and a motor.
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    Riders in Maine on the Mid Coast

    Are there many riders on the Mid Coast of Maine?