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  1. Groove

    New Hub - Oozing Grease

    I added a hub adapter to a brand new wheel (with Shimano hub). After a short first ride I noticed some grease appears to have oozed out. Can someone please have a look at the picture and tell me if that's normal? If not do I need to tighten the cone nut, or what? Thanks, Groove.
  2. Groove

    Rag Joint Issue

    I apologize if this topic has been covered in the past. I received this instruction from the ebay seller when I inquired about the sprocket and rag joint I just received (the picture shows the nice overlapping that should be achieved during installation) "....try overlapping the...
  3. Groove

    Hi From 'Tucky

    Enough lurking, time to introduce myself. I got interested after my wife saw someone riding one and said, "LOL - Look at that guy mo-biking!!" So after reading several posts on this site and learning some lingo, I told my wife that I had become intoxicated with the idea of mounting a...