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  1. Groove

    What padding for crashing are we wearing?

    Just some basic common sense. You'll want to get a nice leather helmet. If it has foam or yarn stitched inside all the better! Rule 1 - protect the noggin! Then you should consider your feet and hands. Flip flops are okay but mocassins will afford even better protection. Lastly...
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    oh china girl smh

    I'm thinking you have an issue with the way you installed the spring assembly down into the carb. The C clip and e-clip, etc. Make sure the assembly functions correctly. 1/8 turn should not make the lil china doll scream.. Check it out - I think that'll fix it.
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    Your single most important safety strategy

    If someone runs you over try to learn from that experience. Maybe riding more carefully or sticking closer to the right side would be in order. Heck, you may even want to get a helmet or switch from flip flops to regular shoes, etc. Conversely, if you should happen to run someone else over...
  4. Groove

    Happy Birthday man. This is a big one huh??

    Happy Birthday man. This is a big one huh??
  5. Groove

    fabricating a Kubo (Koo-bo) like bike

    I like that Pedego bike shown above but where would the motor be placed?
  6. Groove

    The Michigan Shuffle

    Title a dog as a car, lol, now I've heard it all. My own 2 cents on this.. people have tried to register these before and always end up in a goose chase that leads nowhere because there is no definition for a motorized bicycle in the eyes of the law. Sometimes I even worry that it might...
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    Would like to offer a new engine mounted chain tensioner to the motorbike community!

    Re: Would like to offer a new engine mounted chain tensioner to the motorbike communi Related to the clearance question.. yes it was quite close to mine too (the crank would rub the spring). I was able to use a dremel tool (put a sheet over the bike so the filings don't go everywhere) and...
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    winter blues

    Folks, a shark so close to the house is no laughing matter. Please exercise caution when swimming to the mail box.
  10. Groove

    Long distance travel

    That's about 8 hours of saddle time... the lil engine could probably do it if you ride it gently but you'll need a comfortable cruiser seat. I've got about 2000 miles on my first china doll but it took me about two years to go that far (hundreds of little trips) mostly to work or the beer...
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    winter blues

    Global warming is just one of those polarizing subjects. That's probably why Barelyawake was cautioning against discussing it. Once people choose their side of the fence there is no amount of evidence that will change their perspective so it tends to be a losing cause for anyone involved in...
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    jet bicycle. l o l !

    YEAH!!!!! Good thing he didn't blow himself up @ about 1:50 into the video!
  13. Wald fender 2   small picture

    Wald fender 2 small picture

  14. muffler   small picture

    muffler small picture

  15. Groove

    Won't crank and won't pedal

    All the advice given is good. It sounds like you've exhausted many of the complex potential issues, so it's probably something simple like ensuring the proper spark plug / plug boot connection, etc.
  16. Groove

    Seat Safety

    Wow. I can see how that chain of events could play out.. Losing grip of the throttle would lead to road rash for sure. Hey, cheaper springer forks can be found on ebay. Only about 50 bucks I believe. Diesel Dave showed them to me and sure enough they work great in my experience. Glad...
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    my bike is having problems please help!

    Yeah, I'd try checking into Venice's question first..
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    sprocket aligment

    10-4 Tom. I bet he'll be able to use the adapter to solve his problem. When I was a noob some local guy who rides motor assisted bicycles told me about the tire angling "solution". To be honest it did work but I never felt satisfied with that as a solution. Moot point now that I'm...
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    sprocket aligment

    Yes. See where I wrong "edit:" maybe that will help.