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    reverse trike

    has anybody built a reverse tricycle? I am thinking of building a 3 wheeler, two 16" wheels from a baby jogger in front and a 12" wheel in the rear. powered by vertical shaft 6 1/2 hp lawn mower engine, v belt 2 1/2" pulley with twisted belt back to jack shaft with centrifugal clutch and chain...
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    Monster 80 engine kit fitment

    go to harbor freight web site, click on gas engines, pick the one you are interested in. you will see all dimensions for different engines.
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    Lawnboy project

    is you using a vertical shaft engine? pictures would be nice.
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    Why no 212cc builds?

    get a torque convertor, problem solved.
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    Schwinn 26" Blackwell

    what sort of template did you use to glass over? I want to build a similar tank. thanks.
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    Pasta Tin Gas Tank

    great idea, I love to use things I buy at yard sales or goodwill and things I have lyeing around. I did a tank very similar with a stainless steel kitchen container except I used electrical conduit fittings and jb weld. works like a charm.
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    "1912 Ceruleum" Boardtracker

    very nice, you have some skills.
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    First build in the works by Taylar "The Flying Scotsman"

    fantastic tank, incredible workmanship.cant wait ti see the finished bike.
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    Build me a Board track racer (see pic)

    great looking bike, I love that old school look, what kind of truck is that? I have a 54 chevy with a sbc 383, turbo 400, 12 bolt rear and lots of go fast goodies, I love it.
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    Wooden Gas Tank

    why not just leave the wood bottom out and support the can with metal strips, any spilled gas would run out the bottom. I am working on a metal tank with wood veneer aides. I trying to some old oak wood floring if I can cut the strips thin enough. btw your tank looks great.
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    old and new

    Hello everybody, I've been lurking about for a few months and now want to say hi to everybody on the forum. I'm 67 and I have tinkered with mechanical stuff all my life. I have slowly gravitated from cars and trucks to motorized bikes and mini bikes.I now have a stingray chopper that I modified...