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    Adding rust to motor???

    Hey, thanks for all the info. I think I've got some direction now, including from modellers who frequently use cinnamon, nutmeg, and paprika over wet paint! I'm gonna try some test parts, but aluminum is not as easy as steel to get a good finish. Again, thanks for the help..I'll post pics...
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    Adding rust to motor???

    Odd question I know. Lots of threads telling me how to get rid of rust, but I've seen some pics of some really cool BTRs with rusty engines. I can tell the motor is new (China Girl) but the jug, head, and lower end all look like they've been sitting around forever. I don't think engine paint...
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    Pork & Beans Gas Tank

    Good tips all...thanks. I'll post some pics of the propane tank when I get home...but I'm definitely moving in the direction of the juice cans.....I love the look!
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    Pork & Beans Gas Tank

    I'm trying to get some solder to seal up the little crease I made in the top of the can (with a can opener). The solder doesn't want to fill the hole?? When I heat up the can, the solder heats up, but then either pools up on the outside of the slit, or falls into the hole sending the liquid...
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    Can't find copper fuel line pictures???

    Thanks BA, did you change out the push on fitting on the carb to compression? Where did you get something like that? I agree whole heartedly about being able to take fittings off and put them on without hassle. Normally, I've had to cut the fuel line off the push on type fittings, because it...
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    Can't find copper fuel line pictures???

    Harry, we have the HD, and Lowe's here. But my go to is the small Ace Hardware affiliate, Rockhand Hardware, for hardware, and Murdoch's Ranch and Farm Supply is a close second. Thanks for the info..
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    Can't find copper fuel line pictures???

    Thanks Allen. I took a look, but these old eyes can't really make out the details around the fuel filter. Bike is fantastic!
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    Can't find copper fuel line pictures???

    Maurtis, got it thanks. Any other pics would be great as well...your vent still is the real winner!
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    Can't find copper fuel line pictures???

    I've searched and searched "Copper Fuel Line", "Copper tubing", lots of combinations, but no good pictures of copper fuel lines. I'm trying for a compression set up with brass nuts and compression fittings. Anybody out there have any good links or pictures. Thanks
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    Pork & Beans Gas Tank

    Maurtis, how about a pic of the pressure relief "system". That looks so cool, is it just a compression nut and collar??
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    Pork & Beans Gas Tank

    For whatever reason, that totally escaped me. I've got a drill press and hole saws, you'd think I would know that. Now about the gravity feed...does it come out of the bottom, I can't really tell from the pictures. Thanks
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    Pork & Beans Gas Tank

    OK, I just bought a couple of cans of pineapple juice the other day, thinking to do this. I couldn't figure out how to get the juice out of the can without cutting off one of the ends, or at least piercing it. With solder, it all comes together. I didn't see a gravity feed coming out of the...
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    Fiberglass Gas Tanks

    Used to cover high powered rocket tubes with.....panty hose!
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    Tanaka PF-3300 on Amazon for $89.00 (New)

    HF is having a "parking lot" sale at their stores this weekend, Predator 212cc for $99! I saw the flyer on their web site...
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    I messed up my hands. fell off

    I wear a set of leather gloves I picked up at Costco. $19 bucks for 3 pair. Just as important as my helmet. Glad you didn't get hurt worse....
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    My first tank

    I'm sure most of us would settle for some accurate templates when someone who isn't in the business comes up with a great tank idea. Nice work!
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    Coaster Brake Pineapple adapter 4 sale

    Do you still have this?? Where can I see a picture?? Thanks.
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    For those with custom tanks...

    Yeah, there's a pic of the mag lite cap somewhere on one of these boards. Look around, you might find a knockoff for just a few bucks..
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    Wood handle grips

    Thanks. Is it just me, or do other people have a problem with the reply looking find and then it is garbled when it is posted?? I'm not the greatest typist, but this is crazy..