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    Help With removing large gear

    Yeah i removed the nut and the little washer type thing, but you're right and i will post pics tomorrow, kinda late right now. Thing has been driving me nuts (pun intended). Big picture reason is i had a main crank gasket blow on me, grubee skyhawk 66 brand new. It went just below the bolt hole...
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    Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

    Here's a hard learned tip: If you find that you need to turn the idle screw all the way in or close to all the way in, you have an air leak. Get it off the road asap! and find/fix it, or you'll cook the piston and destroy it, and the jug.
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    Help With removing large gear

    Hi all, i've been browsing the forums and read a ton of helpfull stuff. But i'am absolutely stuck here, i have read all of Norms instructions on this problem but nothing seems to work. I'am trying to remove the large gear on the right side of the engine, i have removed the flower nut, the bolt...
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    How the clutch works?

    That was jaw dropping.
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    where can i order parts?

    I wish there were canadian vendors, the shipping from usa is more than twice the cost of the parts. cvlt1
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    Rebuilding Top End

    Hello, first post here, done a few days of reading here, very informative site, and a great read. I've never fixed one of these bicycles before, my piston seized on me, removed the top bolts, slid off the boot, score marks were visible coming in from the intake of the carb, the small metal pin...