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    Worksman 26" HD wheelset alloy rims 11g stainless spokes front drum rear shimano nexus 3 speed rear

    For sale on the bay Perfect motorized bicycle wheelset Worksman HD wheelset... not the steel rim and cheaper steel spokes front automotive style drum brake Rear shimano nexus 3 speed internal geared hub Aluminum alloy rims heavy duty dimpled rims 11g (3mm) Stainless Steel spokes
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    Sunlite Deluxe Springer Fork XL Steerer tube help

    Sunlite Deluxe Springer Fork XL Steerer tube help I Recently got a ridiculous deal on these forks with a 1" threaded steerer tube but didnt realize they had a 300mm / 12" steerer tube with tall springs and a tall top plate. These are intended for a standard Dyno Glide Cruiser with 5 1/4" head...
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    Suggestions on shaft 43cc 2 stroke pole chain saw motor

    Next motor I'm doing a build with 43cc 2 stroke with cent clutch from a pole chain saw. It actually sounds really good and quiet looking forward to this build. Brainstorming about the shaft. Not using a tranny going direct belt drive to a rim pulley. I'm attaching the rim pulley in a way I...
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    First build Rear Rack done Used 4 stroke 49cc won't start/run

    Ok so, this is my 1st ground up build( Building rear Rack, using parts of a Kit...Motor/gear reduction/throttle kill switch, building mainly with some scraps/mechanisms I picked up for free, minimal hardware from Lowes)& I have very limited space but it's coming along nicely. Rack is done other...
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    Questions...Bought a used 49cc 4 stroke kit

    Ok so I'm new to this but have been repairing and tinkering with stuff for years and I'd say I'm mechanically inclined. Picked up this kit, originally meant for a frame mount, from a guy on Craigslist for $80. I am trying to figure out which make/model kit I have here, any pro's & cons of this...
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    Used Dimension edge kit shift on the fly troubleshooting

    So I bought a used basic Dimension Edge kit with the shift on the fly mechanism. I am mechanically inclined but just learning about bike motor kits. The kit originally came with the aluminum U bracket that attaches to the rear fork or seat post part of the frame. I changed the U bracket to...