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    Is this a fair price?
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    Is this a good deal I dont recognize the head,but looks like the one to the left on here..if so any good? (bike sponsor with yellow pic) Never tried this carb,any good? this a fair price fer these parts?
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    shelby skip tooth I wonder about a little 2 smoker on this. it a fair price?
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    CR80 with shift kit Wonder if Yall recognize the engine...possible year and seller. I like the plug in middle look..but cant seem to find any new kits for sale called CR80.wee.
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    Thinking bout trying to buy this one Seems like a great price..
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    Things to do.

    Last week I bought a Dyno Glide to put a motor on,bought a 1964 F100 to haul stuff,and found a 66 Sears Spaceliner with a 50cc China Girl smooth runner that. Now its time fer some red wine I believe..:) Thinking about a balanced motor from Dax fer Dyno. Oh,theres ANOTHER Dyno on C.L. now...
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    If You are rich

    Hi What would be Your perfect 2 stroke bike. Ive wondered while building some... Lots of things Ive considered...tensioners..carbs...frames...pipes...wheels... Oh,Im poor. either drink or spend money on kits/parts..smiling.. Cranny? or Dyno? maybe a old bike.. I like the older 49cc motors. They...
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    Just a few more hours....xx.
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    Flea market find

    Not sure yet what Ive got here,but found a nice bike with a motor,and really starting to get interested it it. Has front and rear suspension,sprung gel seat and a 49cc engine.After lurking here,it looks like whomever put it together knows there stuff..Before I try to fire it up,what shall I do...
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    Names Gene

    Live here in Dallas,have let a bike with a motor on it in the house.Gotta say,this is a great place,have learned tons just lurking here,thanks!