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    Another Board Tracker Built by a Mistake

    Very nice. AJs painting is a classic also!
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    bad solenoid

    I've got a bad new one,in a new kit but only 1 time so yes its happened.
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    ok... i'm baffled... advice requested...

    Tire many double cheese much beer...:)
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    Is this a fair price?
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    GT2-A Style Frames

    Tyler, I didn't buy it simply because there aluminum. And I found a couple of Dyno Glide frames like this one... They look good with tanks made to fit...
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    GT2-A Style Frames

    Tyler,This one is perfect,its the real deal,not a poor copy like gasbikes. Maybe You've seen ZipTies two builds, He did a great job on both and has a couple threads with pics and stories.
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    New wave of 48cc engines on eBay

    Good for You Russell! Hope Ya like it..round head?
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    Is this a good deal

    Good point! Looking at the posting,it does appear that the pictures were taken off a website... So, no telling the condition of parts....hum.
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    easy fix for bicycle sprocket clearance....

    Well, Your drive chain clears the frame fine looks like... Both mounts look strong...and these 48cc engines dont vibrate bad... And Your front tube is the smaller size,engines got the big size so You solved that just fine.. Id say You did great!
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    Is this a good deal

    Thank You Tyler6357..This is a well thought out answer.does the engines from gasbike have the balanced cranks i wonder? Crassius,no clue why this sale..what are Ya thinking,a reason fer haggling maybe? If its this motor how does one know if balanced...
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    Is this a good deal I dont recognize the head,but looks like the one to the left on here..if so any good? (bike sponsor with yellow pic) Never tried this carb,any good? this a fair price fer these parts?
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    The Rustoration Build Off

    Found it, Reading all these older threads are great,a lot to be learned..and the pics,wow.
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    New wave of 48cc engines on eBay

    This Mega looks like MAYBE a round head,but not 98 bucks.
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    The Rustoration Build Off

    bairdco, did You ever hit 50 mph on this bike?
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    New wave of 48cc engines on eBay

    They are sold out Zip...sorry!
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    The Rustoration Build Off

    Best thread ever. Sticky time me thinks..covers everything..building,repairing,paint...tuning.. Great pics and vids. from the best builders here or anywhere!
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    New wave of 48cc engines on eBay

    They showed up this a.m. gotta say like Moto,very pleasantly surprised! Round heads,better than usually put together, even better hardware. Havent pulled them apart yet to ck everything but from the outside it seems like care was taken on the production Im wondering what year these...
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    Runs great and fast, no idle!

    Cellerx,how bout pics...Is it 2 stroke or 4 stroke?
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    ALDYNO from WCC

    After a few years,still the best looking/built Dyno.
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    Citrus Indian Tribute Cruiser Pictures

    Saw this on eBay and thought Ya might like it Zip....