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    Extremely Budget Custom Silencer? (No weld)

    I just put the F2 Thrust exhaust on my 2 stroke, I know its a little controversial but I like it. It looks really good, and sounds fine, also gets me good power. That said its just way to loud, I really need to know where to get or how to make a silencer for it, preferably as small as possible...
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    New bike, does my idle sound ok?

    Just slapped a new bike together. Wanted to know if my idle sounds alright, let me know if it's too fast, lean, or rich. I will adjust accordingly. Still on break in fuel mixture. Thanks guys. (I killed it at the end, it didn't stall or anything)
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    Just put a performance kit on, can't get it to run. Any help?

    Just put a fairly tame performance kit on, with a Keihin carb and a Reed valve assembly. When I let out the clutch as expected it idles up real fast, but it won't stay running and the throttle has not noticeable effect when I twist it to try an warm up. Any ideas why this may be happening, I am...