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    My Facebook page with ebikes and RC

    I created a Facebook page today for my Ebikes and RC hobby. Check it out. My Facebook Page
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    Souped up EVG bike

    I had scored this EVG bike from craiglist a while back(early 2012). Battery was toast and swapped in A123's in it's place and used it to pull a kids trailer around. I then swapped over my old equipment from my mountain bike to the EVG bike. Took me about 4 hours to do the swap and make it look...
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    1500W Mid drive bike

    I build me a center drive ebike with a GNG kit with 12s1p lipo. The kit needed some tweaking and got it to work. Found me a Giant Prodigy frame on ebay and started from there. Well the bike is nice and light, but can't handle the torque the motor/gearing setup produces. The rear of the frame...
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    53mph Raptor Build

    The ebike frame came from Slovenia and took 1 month from fabrication to delivery at my door. The motor is a Greyborg beast and got that through the USA distributor. I purchased two 18 Fet controllers and I'll have to see which I like best on this heavy frame. Anyways, I got both a sensored...
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    Newbie Ebiker here

    I found this site while searching for 26 x 3" tires for my 53mph ebike that I put together. Lots of cool stuff to read here on this forum. One post pointed to the Coker Simplex tires that fit bicycle wheels. Background is RC dragsters and speed run cars. It went over into 500W ebikes as a...