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    new to 4 strokes - 40cc?

    bought this recently with a bunch of other parts for 15. manufacture date of 10-15 so it's not old, very clean and has great compression. Can anybody tell me exactly what this is? Looks similar to a huasheng 49cc. carb was missing primer so i need a new one. any suggestions? the pull start...
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    Good App for recording distance, speed, etc.?

    Does anybody use an app to record max speed and distance traveled? I'm looking for a reliable app that is arry least somewhat close to actual speed. lmk. thanks
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    TroyBilt 25cc 2-stroke engine

    This is the whole powerhead from a troy bilt tb32ec weedeater. 25cc 2 stroke with spring assist pullstart and the "jumpstart" capability which you can buy the drill bit for around 10 bucks and possibly make it a kickstart. Cool little motor was gonna make a motorized bmx but just dont have the...
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    Review of Bikeberry

    Review of Bikeberry and Bicycle motor works☺☺ So here is my experience with this horrible company. I ordered a part from them thinking I would need it for my first build after watching some of their videos, which I don't recommend doing, and waited patiently while 6 other orders I placed...
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    JNM vibration Motor mount kit

    bought just in case I needed them but ended up going in a different direction on the mounting. Comes with the 4 studs, hardware, and 2 rubber mounts. $12 shipped.
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    hard turn with spark plug installed? help!

    ok, so my new 80cc 2 stroke turns over and sounds/feels fine when the spark plug is out but once it's back in it is very hard to turn. don't think it's a clutch problem because I just had the clutch plate and flywheel off and it still is very hard to turn the crank. Don't have intake, exhaust...