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    Will this top end from fit my BGF 66cc.

    This is what happened to my old top end: This is the top end I'm looking at buying as a replacement: I want to make sure the new piston will fit my old bronze bushing rod. So do...
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    piece of cylinder wall broke off BGF china girl motor.

    I've got about 2200 miles on a 66cc bushing wrist pin bearing engine from boygofast. Bought May 2008. Riding down a slight hill at about 43 mph with 33 tooth sprocket, motor shuts off and won't restart so I pedal it home. At home I find the rings are broke, piston has a deep gouge on the side...
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    How to keep clutch shaft bearings in place?

    Both the bearings were bad, so I replaced them. I had a heck of a time getting the new bearings in place, I even damaged one in the process. I got them in by heating the case and making the case openings a little bigger. Apparently I made them too big and they want to slide out of place...
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    Would this pocket bike tuned pipe work?

    ebay pocket bike muffler Looks like it would work if I mount it upside down from what is shown. I would cut the pipe and have it welded to my current header. Just want to get an opinion before ordering. Someone said the best header length is about 12 to 13 inches, correct. $36 seems like a good...
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    Locating replacement clutch shaft bearings?

    I have a ~67cc China girl from boygofast with about 1000 miles on. I did a tear down because I knew at least one bearing was bad, turns out both are bad. I'm also doing some port work while I have it apart. I measured the inside and outside diameters, and they look to be about 15mm and 35mm. I...
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    Have you ever ridden your Motorized Bicycle in the snow just for fun?

    I've ridden regular bikes in the snow and it's difficult to peddle and just wore me out. Would anything bad happen if I added a motor to the mix.
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    Pics of my $7.50 Moon Dog w/ 70cc HT Bicycle Engine

    My old Huffy build described here My motorized bike - Bob Is The Oil Guy. That bike was just plain wore out, no longer worthy of a fine Chinese motor. Ordered the Moon Dog on Ebay for 107.50 and when the bike arrived it looked like Fedex ran it over, but everything was still their. I'll post...
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    How did you get injured on your motorized bicycle?

    I fear my day to fall or get hit is coming and I want to be ready. Could you a please share your story? My brother took my bike out for a spin and wiped out on loose chip and seal. Only minor road rash injuries.
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    vibration with drill vs. no drill front mount; 70cc

    I didn't mind drilling the frame on my crappy Huffy but I would like to avoid drilling the frame on my new Moon dog. But if no drill mounting means more vibration then I will drill a hole in the frame. So what method makes less vibration? Thanks
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    Adding grease zerk for clutch shaft bearings?

    I got gas in the clutch case, which then went in the two "sealed" bearings for the clutch/output shaft. The gas destroyed the grease in these bearings and I was only able to put oil in them. If I took the bearings out would I be able to grease them? My idea is to add a grease zerk to...
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    Sprocket size for a little guy w/ a 70cc HT bicycle engine

    I'm looking to bring the noise down and fuel economy up when cruising at 25, via a smaller sprocket. I weigh about 130lbs and my bike w/motor weighs 55lbs. How does a 30 tooth sprocket sound?
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    Hi from Northern Indiana

    Hi I've been wanting a bike motor for many years but couldn't get a yes out of my parents. So I just ordered a 70cc kit and didn't exactly tell them. I just love putting things together I'm planning to use my full face motorcycle helmet for head protection. For break in I'm using...