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    Performance mod help!!

    Hey, just order the NCY racing cable and cap , and I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with one, because it looks like this cable attaches to the old on and doesn't that defeat the purpose of the performance cable?
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    hey just wondering if anyone out there has the new motors with the 3 bolt magneto cover ( not the 4 bolt ones ), and has a pull start for it would really appreciate it , or if anyone has custom made one because i bought a 4 bolt one and realized it wont fit so just wondering if there are anny...
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    Shift kit- pull start HELP??

    hey, the beast is finally done, still running in , got a shift kit , installed it works great, but i have alot of trouble starting it up and chains comming off ect. two questions, does annyone no how to make a pull start for these engines of where to buy one in australia from a shop? and also...
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    hey all just done my new build and am having some problems when i first start it up and ride it , the bike is very stuttery like its juddering. and it does this constantly even after its warmed up, i dont know what to do. its that feeling when your at really low rpm and the bike just doesn't...
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    spark plug?

    hey all bit of back ground, i used to run a 66cc motorized bike with a bigger jet, and because of that i need a hotter spark plug to burn up all the fuel, a br5hs, since then i have bought a new motor which has a higher compression ratio which i believe makes more heat ect, now because of that...
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    new exhurst

    hey , just wondering what you guys think, im making a new exhaust for my xmoto r80 and i have an old muffler off a cr85, just wondering if ill loose any performance if i run a pipe like the original but where the muffler joins the new pipe will keep going, make a 45 degree bend and then go to...
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    mounting problems

    hey all, i am having some troubles mounting my motor, i can get the back mount nice and tight, fitting well but the front ones on an angle to the tube so it doesn't sit flush would it be possible to make a packer so it sits nicely, any ideas would be greatly appreciated ,cheers
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    Air filter????

    hey guys just wondering if this airfilter would be goof to use on my 70cc engine CHEERS!!!!
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    Guys HELP PLEASE!!!!!

    hey guy just been online and have found the new motor and was wondering if anyone has had experience with it or knows anything about it? also can i run it on Castrol Power...