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  1. rat bike

    Taylar bikes Board track for sale

    This bike has a custom in frame tank, china girl engine, custom electronics box and has been powder coated. This bike is a very nice bike and rides like a dream and we are asking $700 obo. For more info call dan @ 661 341 0192
  2. rat bike

    Taylar bikes

    Here at TAYLAR BIKES we have another Board tracker for sale. Check it out and let me know what you think or if anyone is intrested hit me up. PEACE OUT RAT BIKE
  3. rat bike

    TAYLAR BIKES complete rollers now for sale

    Hey everyone here at Taylar motor bikes we will now be selling complete roller kits. This kit will include everything you will need to build your dream bike minus the motor. The kit comes with custom frame, custom tank, custom battery or electronics box, springer front end, bars, cranks...
  4. rat bike

    this one we call the triple nine

    Here is one of the latest builds we call this one the triple nine. This bike is one of the more detailed builds so far. Still sporting the china motor, manic mechanic hub adapter, custom tank, custom box for electronics. But there is more the frame has been custom built to give it that...
  5. rat bike

    a couple happy customers

    heres a few bikes we have done some work to in the shop recently. the first three are of a schwinn stingray that we put a west coast choppers tank on with a lil extra added to the tank, also put on a chain tensioner and a hand made seat pan. the last pic is a another customers bike who wanted...
  6. rat bike

    another board track

    here is a link with pics of the new board track bike just finished in the shop. we havent painted it yet but heres an idea of what its lookin like. some ideas on the paint color would greatly appreciated. this is a customers bike but another will be ready very soon. PEACE OUT...
  7. rat bike

    new camera means better pics

    So here it is everyone I finally got me a better camera to provide everyone with better pics of what we have going on in the shop. So here are a few of the board track bike and a few others. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think...
  8. rat bike

    custom builds are now for sale

    Hey there motorized bike riders I have gotten the word on the latest 2 builds they are now for sale. We have a custom board tracker and also a real agressive custom and a huffy cranbrook. The board tracker is sporting a 68.5 cc engine with a cns carb on it. The tank on the board tracker is a...
  9. rat bike

    new build check it out

    heres some more pics of the new stuff being built in the shop. hope you all like it, and this bike will be for sale not to sure on what the price will be but that will be worked out later also feedback on the bike would be great
  10. rat bike

    new custom parts

    Hey there everyone, I have been messin with mb's for a while now and want to start making some parts for these things. Heres what some friends and I have come up with, we have come up with a spring loaded chain tensioner that has been tried and tru. The tensioner actually gets rid of some of...
  11. rat bike

    bike will start but wont drive

    Howz it goin everyone I have a about a hundred miles on my bike and while I was riding the other night something made a loud noise down by the clutch. So I pulled over to see what it was and couldnt really see anything cause it was dark out. So I tried to start it back up and it fired but wont...