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    wiring up a light

    How do I wire up a small headlight from the white wire on motor. I have two wires coming from light. I hook up the white wire to one wire from light. As soon as I take other wire from light and touch ground, it kills. Whats Up???? Help me mister wizards.
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    clutch problems

    My clutch is slipping bad on my 5o cc 2 stroke motor. I took it apart and it looks like the 12 or so rubber squares are about shot. Can I get replacements? if so where?
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    looking for a gas tank

    I am just getting started into this motorized bike thing. Ordered a 50cc motor. Bought a 1961 schwinn with the double bar fram. Starting to restore it. Quesion is where can I get a custom gas tank to fit inside the double bar frame.???
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    illinois law

    Does anyone out there know the Illinois law on home built motor bikes or where to find info. Just getting started on this. This is great stuff!!!!
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    new guy

    Hello folks,I am fed up with the gas prices and am ready to build a small motorized bike out of my old 26 inch bike for starters to go to and from work. Aprox. 5 miles each way. I see a good price ( I think) from Kings motor bikes for $199.99 kit. 80cc. What do all you folks think?