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    Float level?

    Hello. I have a Speed carb (the version that looks exactly like the NT- no petcock, just an inscription "Speed" cast on the outside). I tried to fix a no-idle issue by changing the float level but it only made things way worse. And me being me, I didn't measured the level at the begining. Does...
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    Hello from Bulgaria

    Hi, I'm using this forum for quite some time but just recently I realised I haven't introduced myself. My name is Georgi and I'm from Bulgaria. I own a 66cc chinese 2- stroke.
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    Hard starting

    I have a fully broken-in 66cc slant head kit. It used to run ok until recently. Now I have to peddle more than usual (not an awful lot but still definately faster) to get it started. It began when I put a resistor sparkplug (BPR6HS) to try to reduce the interfernce with my speedo. I had to...
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    Crankshaft side to side play

    I just noticed (I havent tried before) that when I pull on the small gear on the clutch side the crankshaft moves about 3 or 4 mm (0.1-0.15 inch). Is that normal? It's a 66cc 2-stroke on it's third tank of gas. There isn't any noticeable play up and down, just along the axis of the crank.