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  1. commander

    has anyone been interested in this

    I grabbed this off the dax website, but I cant seem to find it anywhere to order a back rest like this. I feel this would be a nice addition to my wide seat I have mounted, any one find this online plz give me the link. thx
  2. commander

    need an opinion on this motor

    KingsMotorBikes - 4 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kits - 4 Stroke Gas Bicycle Engine Kits - 4 Stroke Bicycle Motors Kits ok im seriously considering this motor kit for my next build. I would like to try a 4 stroke engine and the price is perfect on this website. I looked over a few reviews and...
  3. commander

    2nd build is complete

    I just want to share some of the mods I used on this second build, some I got from here , But my muffler set up is original. I purchased a length of conduit and shaped it , then added a smaller briggs and stratton muffler on the tip. to be honest I was hoping for less noise, it didnt seem to...
  4. commander

    chain guard and metal strip

    Does anyone know what your supposed to use or how to mount the chain guard using the metal strip that comes with these kits ? I couldn't figure out what in the world the metal strip was used for so I just threw it into the "spare parts" bin for now
  5. commander

    new intro from NEPA

    Hello from NEPA sorry I had to redo my intro because of links that were attached