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  1. jeff walter

    friction drive cruiser

    Here is my old schwinn with a new friction setup. The drive system is from formula bicycle engines...The robin I got used from Jerry...thescooterguy..... it was kinda ugly but Jerry said it ran and it sure does...kudos to him for all the help and parts...Had to build my own throttle cable , and...
  2. jeff walter

    new tires for stretch

    Found some better colored tires....rd.
  3. jeff walter

    strech cruiser

    Got the red tires. I thought they would be more brick colored. The ride great and with hd tubes i feel pretty secure. Frame stretched 4 inches and offset motormounts, to power side, 1 cm.
  4. jeff walter

    Hi all from portland

    Hi. Im new to this site. Thought I would say hi and post a coupla pics. Black bike is stretched 4 inches. Im workin on a cruiser stretched 4 inches with a workman blade fork and hookworm tires. It will have a cargo rack on the back, maybee the front also.Kind of a motorized cargo bike.....The...