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  1. smokinbenrage

    Broken Engine Mounting Bolt

    Ok, so I broke one of my front engine mounting bolts off. It actually broke inside the engine casing. I tried to use an easy out to get it out but no luck. I know it is a 6mm bolt, but does anyone know the thread size of the bolt? I am going to drill it out and then re-tap the hole.
  2. smokinbenrage

    Chirping engine

    my engine is making a chirping noise. I am pretty sure I need to adjust the clutch. Until I do that, should I ride it?
  3. smokinbenrage

    Clutch Arm Vibrating Loose

    Would a bent paper clip jammed into the hole work as well? Could you provide a pic of what the pin looks like and where it is located inside the cover?
  4. smokinbenrage

    Clutch Arm Vibrating Loose

    I am having problems with my clutch arm vibrating up and out of the casing. My old clutch arm didn't do that, but now my new one does. Any suggestions on how to keep it down? Thanks, Ben Strand
  5. smokinbenrage

    ***bike Almost Done, Need Help!!***

    I've tried to do the same thing with picking the rear wheel up and "kick" starting the engine but i can't even get the engine to fire. I can't even get the pedal to move. How are you able to get it to work for you? thanks, ben
  6. smokinbenrage

    Air mixture screw thingy... I think

    Ok, so after many weeks of not being able to ride, I finally have it up and running!!!:ride2: I have 2 questions. #1. I was playing with the air mixture screw when my bike was idling. I noticed that if I turn it clockwise the engine starts to rev higher. If I turn it counter-clockwise, it...
  7. smokinbenrage

    Engine Size Difference

    I was wondering what is the visual differences of the 50cc to the 70cc engines? I see the two side by side on the internet web pages and they look exactly the same. How do I know if i actually received the 70cc that I bought? Also, if a cop pulls me over, will he be able to tell the difference...
  8. smokinbenrage

    Pedal or pull cord start

    Is there any way to pedal start my engine with clutch engaged from a stop? I have seen some youtube video where the guy lifts his back wheel and gives his pedal a good push and the engine fires right up. I have tried it a few times and got it to fire but the other times there is just too much...
  9. smokinbenrage

    battery news

    I was listening to a talk radio program a few days ago and they were talking about how the gas prices are affecting people. The radio host was having people call in and tell how they are beating high gas prices. One lady called and said that her and her husband had just bought an electric...
  10. smokinbenrage

    How do I get rid my my motorized bicycle

    Re: How do I get rid my my MB I want to thank all of you guys and girls who give us mechanically uninclined people the support we need to get thru the tough times we may have with our MB's... it means so much that we have juch a supportive group here at THANK YOU!!!! (^)...
  11. smokinbenrage

    Good Kit for a Beginner?

    You are completely right! I am mechanically challanged. I guess that is where I get my self into a lot of precarious situations. I should have listened to my dad when he said that I should have taken some shop classes instead of art classes! And to think that those art classes would have gotten...
  12. smokinbenrage

    How do I get rid my my motorized bicycle

    Re: How do I get rid my my MB I have had a few hours to cool down from my previous rant about getting rid of my MB... kinda funny how cleaning locker rooms and toilets will calm a guy down! (overnight part time job) I have decided to take a few days off from working on the MB (its a love/hate...
  13. smokinbenrage

    Good Kit for a Beginner?

    Deacon, I have had it for about 2 months and I am at my wits end with this darn thing. Everytime I ride it, something breaks. Right now the engine is making a chirping sound so I think the clutch isn't working right. I tried to adjust the clutch cable and the bolt snapped off in the clutch arm...
  14. smokinbenrage

    How do I get rid my my motorized bicycle

    Hey guys, I have had it with this whole motorized bicycle thing. Everyday something goes wrong with my engine or bike. I have spent more time fixing it than riding it. I have had it for about 2 months and have been able to ride it without problems for a grand total of 3 times...
  15. smokinbenrage

    Good Kit for a Beginner?

    Not if you want to spend everyday fixing something that breaks. I would not even buy one of these pieces of crap engine kits again! They say that they are low maintenance but they are not! Everyday I ride the damn thing something goes wrong and i spend more time fixing it than riding it. I will...
  16. smokinbenrage

    Anyone successfully register in MN?

    I live in Burnsville and have not registered my MB. The first day that I rode my bike home from work, I passed a St. Paul police officer and he ended up turning around and started following me. He stayed back about 50 feet just slowly following me and trying to see what I had on my bike. He...
  17. smokinbenrage

    Foot Pegs

    Does anyone know where I can get, or how I can make some front foot pegs like motorcycles have for crusing? I drive 44 miles a day to work and back and it is a killer on my feet. The vibration from the engine and my weight on my feet from constantly moving around trying to find a comfortable...
  18. smokinbenrage

    User name meaning?

    I actually got my user name from a friend of mine. We were sitting up late one night playing video games and he said that I should get an email account. I told him that would be great, but the only thing was, I couldn't think of any screen names for my account. We started thinking and he...
  19. smokinbenrage

    "Making Biking accessible to everyone and making laws fair" Come on guys, it's time

    Re: "Making Biking accessible to everyone and making laws fair" Come on guys, it's t The thing that I don't understand is that us MB'ers (Gasoline) are supposed to have insurance in some states, but in those same states, the people who ride the electric bikes do not need any insurance... My...
  20. smokinbenrage

    Transplanting motor to new bike, derailer issues

    Well, I have finished transplanting my engine kit onto my new bike, it looks absolutly awesome! I decided to remove the front derailer so that the engine mounts properly... thanks for the tip! I still have a few problems. First thing first. I mounted the chain tensioner on the bike and found...