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    staton crank shift kit

    Has anyone experienced a Staton crank shift kit? Crank Shift Kit ONLY
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    Wanted Golden Eagle #13 gear

    Wanted to buy #13 gear for Golden Eagle Eit
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    Golden Eagle Belt Wont Track on Center, Found a Solution .

    Per Golden Eagle instruction, belt should center for maximum belt life. After 3,000 miles on my Golden Eagle, the belt keeps on tracking towards the engine side. I have already gone through a belt so I know the importance of having the belt track to the center. I followed the instruction on...
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    Jetpro Pipes: Silence, Increase the Performance for Your Tanaka or other 2 Stroke en

    Noise level: My major gripe with the Tanaka is the sound level. I like the performance, very dependable, pull hard. I have to wear earplugs to make riding more comfortable . With the Jetpro Pipe, the sound coming is as if I was wearing an earplug. More muffled. It also create a lower tone...
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    Bicycle back rest/ back support

    Wanted Bicycle back rest/ back support Hi, anybody know where i can get back support or back rest. Or is anybody selling one Thank you in advance.r mfla
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    Quest for Dependable, High Performance, Easy to build MotoredBike

    Started off with a friction drive Honda g35 kit on as Schwinn Protocol dual suspension Mountainbike Had a very good experience with it , never broke down, used it for 400mile. Max speed 24-25 on flats, 150 mpg. I’m 160 lbs. Started reading more about performance and I came across a Golden Eagle...
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    Perfomance Pipe / Exchaust Tanaka 40

    Has anybody used a performance exhaust / pipe for tanaka 40. Im having a hard time finding a perfonmancpipe. What other performace pipe/ exhaust that will increase the top speed or hp gain on a Tanaka 40. There is the ada stalker exhaust. Is it any effective. I'm welcome to any suggestions.
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    Hello from sunny San Diego

    Current have a Tanaka 40 with Golden Eagle Kit. Very reliable. I put non inop with my car and cancel my insurance. Trying ro experiment if I can get by with my motorized bike for my basic transportation. I borrow my wife's and my teenage daughter's car if it need on. This is coming from a guy...
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    Wanted Tanaka 40 Performance Pack

    Wanted Tanaka 40 Performance Pack ,includes hp carb, performance pipe, juice box, air filter. If its not complete just the pipe is ok. Im still interested.