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  1. mannyphresh

    choke and throttle cable line???

    I just purchased a skyhawk cnsII carb w/out the cable and handles.Does anyone know where i can buy the cable and throttle only?
  2. mannyphresh

    Skyhawk carb help,help,help

    Hey guys,I just bought a skyhawk cns high performance carb II for my china girl.My problem is i dont know if i could use the same stock throttle cable for it or if i could cut some of the wire housing?If not where would i be able to buy the cable and do i also need to use a choke lever withe it...
  3. mannyphresh

    Pineapple rear adapter

    So i was on and came across a red pineapple adapter for the rear sprocket.Just my luck they are out of stock......I was wondering if any one knows where i could pick one up at.The price was 25 dollars i think and it looks as is it would work way better than the rag joint.
  4. mannyphresh

    Nirve swicthblade chopper

    Have any of you ever put a two stroke motor on one of these?It looks pretty damn kool.If so what problems would i run into?
  5. mannyphresh

    Onyx 29er springer forks

    hey guys i have a onyx 29er cruiser.I happen to notice that some of you guys put springer forks on them.Is it easy to install or do you have to mod it to fit.Please help out i hate the stiffness of the ride.
  6. mannyphresh

    how far have you rode your motorized bicycle?

    Recently i just took a 36 mile ride for moreno valley to rubidoux in the inland empire.The sign that tell you the speed clockd me going 45mph with a stock motor it was crazy fast (I was going down hill).By the time i got home my arms were killing me since i have 25inch amp hangers.So how far...
  7. mannyphresh


    So every night me n my buddy grayble go out on what we like to call fun runs for our 1/2 hour lunch here in the i.e.Tonight i happen to see a cop at the light we were makeing a right at.We decided to take a detour cause we didnt have our dot approved helmets.We thought we were in the clear until...
  8. mannyphresh

    spark plug??????

    Are you suppose to gap the spark plug on a new china 2stroke motor?If so what gap measurement?
  9. mannyphresh

    Motorized Bicycle Woodruff key

    i've had my motor for about 3 weeks know.I've replaced my woodruff key 3 times.Is there any way i can keep it from shearing every other day?i have a onyx from genesis 29er.I have the stock sprocket from the kit on the rear and it has minor wiggle.Could that be the problem?
  10. mannyphresh

    10 tooth sprocket

    hey guys, i was rideing my my one night and it keep reving high and not wanting to catch any gears.Eventually a gear grabbed once i stopped at a light my motor turned off and didnt wanna start.i tried to ride it and release the clutch but there was no ignite.i got home took off the cover the...
  11. mannyphresh

    registration in ca

    is the reg 230 still 19 dollars?what if you dont have a engine #?can you still register it?
  12. mannyphresh

    29er rear sprocket trouble

    Hi guy, im currently haveing trouble with the rear sprocket that goes on the spokes.I have a 29er genesis that i bought from walmart.i took apart the whole rear hub and grinded the sprocket hole alittle more.I have a coaster brake and the bolt heads dont clear.Do i need sinker bolts?it has no...