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  1. SMC

    "Bomber" Bike...

    I bought mine from Grubee. Not sure if they are still available. Pretty much a bolt on.
  2. SMC

    Riding on Chrome

    Just need to spring for a new tank!
  3. SMC

    Gas spills...leaky cap

    I have the same problem. The only fix I could come up with is not to fill the tank up too much. I usually go less then 1/2.
  4. SMC

    Howdy from Texas

    Just found this site while browsing ebay for a new engine. Where where you guys 3 years ago when I built this thing?!?!?! We've had lots of fun with it but now my son is driving and it doesn't get used as much. I still take it out and have built a special seat for the tank that my 6year old...