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    Hi Steve remember me? Haven't spoke in years, I have a normal looking motorized bicycle now...

    Hi Steve remember me? Haven't spoke in years, I have a normal looking motorized bicycle now (mountain bike) with a 200w bicycle motor goes OK, but I have a surprise for you, I have made a Board Tracker, I'm about half way through the build, if I knew how to send pictures to you I would, I have...
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    Quieter Standard Exhaust

    hi mick29 here, is it posible to quieten a standard exhaust that comes with the 50cc motorized bike kit, if you remove the bottom cap and fit steel wool in the muffler part, replace the bottom cap will this restrict the exhaust flow too much or is there a better way, im trying to make the bike...
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    mick29\fast eddy

    hi guys mick29 here, still cant believe the sidecar page is so popular, I don't have a motorized bike at the moment, too many stupid laws in Australia, a big thanks to fast eddy for being a great friend and starting the whole side car page with me, talk soon mate
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    Gear Noise

    Hi Guys, Mick29 here, can anyone help with loud gear noise, ive had about 4 50cc motors some make lots of gear noise and others are quiet, ive just bought a 80cc motors very quiet just sitting running with the clutch in but when in riding it the whining from the clutch gear and crank shaft gear...
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    Hey guys, mick29 here, how are all my sidecar buddies ?? cant believe how popular this thread on sidecars has become, is Steve (fasteddy) still around ?? please get in contact my friend haven't spoke for years, I think its time for a new bike and sidecar for me, I have the bug again. Ride safe...
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    Fasteddy its me mick29, im still around, weve had another baby sinse we spoke last how long has...

    Fasteddy its me mick29, im still around, weve had another baby sinse we spoke last how long has it been ? Ive sold my sidecar I made but kept the bike, Ived changed jobs still building caravans though, Ive been getting into flying RC planes lately I can now attually fly my planes with out...
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    Rattly Motor

    Can anyone answer this question. Ive been given a 50cc chinesse motor kit on a bike. Its only have a tank of fuel through it since new. Its just been sitting around for about a year or two. I got it going yesterday, its very,very rattly it sounds like theirs lose nuts and bolts in it, like I...
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    Carby Tuning

    Can anyone tell me how to tune a standard NT carby properly
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    sports muffler

    Hey guys a friend of mine recently fitted a sports muffler (expansion chamber) to his bike it doesnt run as good as the standard muffler it just 4strokes all the time weve leaned it out with the needle in the carby as much as posible but no difference do these mufflers make the motors run very...
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    Steve my friend, very nice, I check our sidecar forum when I get home from work every night to see if youve put more photos of your fantastic project, Question. are the batteries for the driving wheel (sidecar) going to be in the sidecar or on the bike? keep up the great work mick29
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    Fast Eddy mick29 here Ive said it before and Ill say it again your a true craftman you dont do things by half, cant wait to see it all finished. All week Ive been thinking about making a sidecar for my black cruiser styled bike so seeing yours has made my mind up Im going to do it. Might change...
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    Help!! Engine won't idle!

    I agree with The 26incher the slow speed jet is blocked Take the carby off take off the float bowl the main jet is in the centre of the float the slow jet is next to it unscrew it clean in out put it all back together see how you go please get back to me let me know how you went thanks mick29
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    4 stroke carby

    hows it going mick29 here Ive just bought a 4 stroke 50cc chinesse motor for my bike (second hand) fitted every thing to my bike and went for a ride BUT it will only run FULL CHOKE soon as you back the choke off it stalles Ive screwed the idle screw in as fare as it goes but no better any ideas...
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    Motor Life

    Hows everyone going Question if you look after a Chinesse 48cc motor use good quality 2stroke oil dont thrass the (beep beep) out of it how many KMS will you get out of it? thanks mick29
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    Rear Wheel Spokes Breaking

    Hows everyone going mick29 here Has anyone had rear wheel spokes break Ive been riding a Kmart $100 bike with a 48cc motor for 3yrs every day to work I bought myself an APOLLO MB and a new motor kit and a new rear sprocket and carrier Ive been riding it to work since xmas no probs but I noticed...
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    Legal Riding

    Hows it going mick29 here Question to every one who owns a motorised bike will the police ban them totally I live in South Australia and ride a MB with a 200w ROCKSOLID motor 100% legal here and I ride to work every day Im pulled over at lest once a week Its becoming not fun and annoying every...
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    running into a few probs.. leaks and power

    How many miles has the motor done, once youve done a few hundred the motor will loosen up and the power will realy increase, my float in the carby was jamed when I first bought me motor kit I hope it all goes well for you Thanks mick29 PS HAPPY RIDING
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    Rear Sproket Alignment

    Ive been throught this before with this problem but someone might have another idea to help me. I have a 40t rear sprocket on a carrier that clamps to the rear hub, first I had the problem of it slipping but thats fixed (touch wood) now the problem is the sprocket isnt aligned the chain goes...
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    200w petrol motor

    Mick29 here getting my motor back today its been detuned by ROCKSOLID ENGINES ill let yous know how it goes.
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    200w petrol motor

    Hows it going every one mick29 here Our law here in South Australia is you can ride any power assisted bike as long as its under 200w of power Ive been riding my bike for 3 years back and foreward to work its a standard 48cc chinesse motor never been pulled over but lately the police are really...