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  1. Sgtnergz

    80cc not staying on.

    Does anyone know why or what could be the cause of my i0cc motor won't stay on running it just has a sound of dying down, I wanna say it's an air leak somewhere around the head or the bolts ..I say this cuz I seen some oil leak on top of the cylinder head it's mainly around by the spark plug but...
  2. Sgtnergz

    80cc 2stroke Cylinder head

    Dies anyone know what the measurements are for the cylinder head of 66/80cc 2 stroke motor. 1)what's the distance between the holes are? 2)what's diameter of the 4 head bolt holes 3) the diameter of spark plug hole??
  3. Sgtnergz

    80cc cylinder head leak

    Recently bought a BBR 80cc 2 stroke motor, been riding it for one week . Was riding last night and outta nowhere the motor sound started to die down, and was off...tried turning it on same thing , was a dying down sound. I noticed there was oil leak on top of the engine head by one of the head...
  4. Sgtnergz

    . ,

    What up people's..I'm glad I found this site , jus finished registering. Question, when your installing (in this case it's 80cc)an 80cc motor,are you supposed to put one or two Bottom gaskets (crankcase) before putting engine body.? I'm asking because when I ordered my BBR 80CC 2 stroke, the...