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    The garbage pile yields more treasure!

    I love the trash people throw out, this one is in better shape than my last and it already has a kit, well sort of, its pretty rough. Its has compression and spark, I think it will live to ride again. Then engine cleaned up real nice, the sproket was waiting to kill someone though.
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    My garbage pile rebuild

    This is my bike I built, it came out of a garbage pile. Wish I would have started with a new bike.
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    Heres my ride, Take a look

    The triple spring seat is the best, really eliminates all the numb butt effects. I got the pinstripes off ebay from Twisted Crome, really great product and easy to use. The flame tread tires are three inch and I did put 12 ga spokes on it. They are really worth the extra cost. I polished out...