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  1. Moto

    gender bent cruiser

    wanted to share some photos of my latest project. Found this (formerly) womens cruiser in the trash and cut out the top tube and put in a new one. Spent a long time working on the motor mounts as they had to be slightly offset. Very excited to try this one out!
  2. Moto

    Step Thru City Bike

    This is my latest build. I have had this 50cc engine for about 4 years now, dont have any idea how many miles are on it, but it is a lot. I found this frame for free and it was exactly what I was looking for. I have been wanting to build a really compact CG bike for a long time. I love how the...
  3. Moto

    New Daily Driver

    Hey yall! After about a year of faithful service, and around 1500-2000 miles someone stole my daily driver motorized bike from outside my apartment. I was pissed but I guess this is an excuse to build a new one, right? I had a lot of parts so I just had to order a few things. This is gonna be...
  4. Moto

    Best way to weld new dropouts

    Hi. Im working on a bike, and it has really crappy dropouts. I want to weld new ones in, but Im not sure what the best method to do so is. Ive attached some close ups of the dropouts so people can see. The problem is that the metal on the dropouts is pretty thin, and on the right side of the...
  5. Moto

    base for a new build

    I've been collecting parts for this build for a while, and I'm pretty excited to get it going. first got to make it a functional bike though. It's gonna be rear rim brake, front disk. I would ideally use a jack shaft but I am not sure I will go that route because I'm trying to build this on the...
  6. Moto

    Super Stocker build

    hello I swore off motorized bike a while ago, but saw this 50cc kit for $99 on ebay and couldn't resist. It arrived a few...
  7. Moto

    need help with girvin forks!

    So I picked up a proflex bike frame and Girvin Fork today - for $10 - super psyched on that. The problem is the elastomers are a gooey mess as is typical, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove the elastomers from...
  8. Moto

    why SO hot????

    first off, let me clarify that my engine is not running lean, in fact it is still rich and the plug is an oily black. It is a stock, 50cc china girl engine, with a gutted stock pipe, a bored out nt, and a billet intake. It runs great, pulls into very high rpms and is incredibly smooth. yet I...
  9. Moto

    lil under pipe

    Well I just had to make a little chamber pipe for this guy. Actually I didnt do the welding but my friend did - its a little rough 'cause he was using flux core instead of shielding gas but I love it just the same. Wanted to buy a little sh1tter pipe but they arent in stock! ...
  10. Moto

    First 4 stroke build

    Just started working on this today. Went together pretty clean I think! I would consider myself experienced with the 2 stroke engines, but am a complete noob when it comes to 4 strokes. This is the first one I have ever dealt with. Psyched to go (slow?) cruising. I built to bike so my friends...
  11. Moto

    Your grips of choice?

    I wanted to ask people what grips they like - as there is quite a massive grip niche industry with a lot of great choices. I am running oury grips on my sprinter bike: stock "chrome" eagle grips on my neighborhood bike and...
  12. Moto

    Air box

    Just built this airbox for my motorized bike. I had a cheap foam filter before but it kept falling off so I had to make something better. I have used air boxes in the past and they do wonders to quiet a motor down - without harming performance. This one flows super freely. and made from crap...
  13. Moto

    new project

    This is a frame I picked up a while back and have been really wanting to build it ever since. Ive been slowly gathering parts. Too much schoolwork right now to do any building which is frustrating, but after thanksgiving I get easier classes. Anyway - its a "sterling" frame, it would appear...
  14. Moto

    found a goped in the trash today!

    Well I was on my way to school today, riding a normal bike, when a pile of old crap waiting to get picked up for garbage catches my eye. I am a general tinkerer / thrift store / estate sale etc shopper so this kind of thing interests me. I couldnt believe it when I saw this yellow, dusty, but...
  15. Moto

    Banana seat bike!

    Just finished building this - so excited :D Its a 48cc round head motor. Ive been hunting for one for quite a while! Thanks Harold! Its pretty much a spare parts build besides the motor. Ive got it running pretty good. Its more or less stock. Im on the hunt for a small expansion chamber...
  16. Moto

    rocket bike

    funniest **** ive seen in a while super sketchy though
  17. Moto

    crazy head!

    Someone is machining up some crazy heads on the 'bay.... looks like it would run really hot due to the small surface area and glassy finish of...
  18. Moto


    My buddies just sent me this video and asked me to put it online. The quality isnt great but its still pretty cool. There is a crash at the end of the video. More videos to come im gonna put my gopro on and join them:
  19. Moto


    pan·han·dle 1 (pnhndl) v. pan·han·dled, pan·han·dling, pan·han·dles Informal v.intr. To approach strangers and beg for money or food. 1. To approach and beg from (a stranger). 2. To obtain by approaching and begging from a stranger: panhandled money. See Synonyms at cadge. Hi guys - I...
  20. Moto

    New Bike

    Just got this built a few days ago - not very pretty right now but with some cable management it should be getter. Faster and more comfortable than the cruiser it replaced. Ported 66cc china, high rpm pipe, 15mm dellorto carb but I have a 21mm on the way - 39t sprocket - i havent gone faster...