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    2015 Ashford CT Motorized Bike Meetup and Ride.

    2015 Ashford CT Motorized Bike Meetup and Ride. Had a great time riding all day with awesome people in the beautiful Connecticut countryside.
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    2015 Ashford CT Meetup/Ride

    Sept 19th 2015 Ashford CT Meetup/Ride Had such a great time at the PA Rally riding with everyone. Got to talking with Scotty and James and decided to get together next moth for a ride. So far It's looking like the 19th with a rain date of the 26th. Scotty rides in the Ashford area so we are...
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    2015 7th Annual Central Pa. Rally

    2015 7th Annual Central Pa. Rally Group ride We had a great time at the 2015 7th Annual Central Pa. Rally. the weather was great and we did a lot of riding. This just over is 18 min. of a group ride. Ice cream run- After dinner Saturday a few of us...
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    The Machine: work in progress

    The snow is all but gone, I'm getting ready for this riding season and had a few ideas I wanted to try out. 1. Flipped the handlebars, This was my Sons idea, I was just going to swap them for a low rise set but he suggested I try flipping the old ones and I...
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    Connecticut Motorized Bicycle Meet-up

    Had a great time a a CT summer meetup 8/10/14. here is some video. Pre-Ride Testing Video Ride Video
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    Riding down some country roads.

    The MA. CT Motorized Bike ride scheduled for 7/27 had been rained out. So we took a short ride after the weather cleared. First video with new helmet cam. The group Ride is rescheduled for the 10th
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    Rebuilding The Man and The Machine.

    The Man - On Tuesday, November 8th 2011, I was struck by a car while riding my motorized bicycle. Coasting down hill on a 20 mile ride to the bookstore, I was struck by a car that crossed traffic without warning and ran into me like I was not even there. Both my legs (femurs) and three ribs were...
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    Pasta Tin Gas Tank

    When I found this copper Pasta tin at goodwill I thought it might make a cool tank so I brought it home and set to work seeing what I could do with it. In my bits and bobs box, I found an old saddle-tap valve and short copper tube left over from an old ice maker tap line. For the filler...
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    Tandem Motorbiking

    YouTube - Tandem Motorbiking
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    Museum of Springfield History

    With the bad weather on the east cost I'm not doing much if any riding, so to get a fix I spent this Saturday with the wife and kids at the "the Springfield Museums Quadrangle" they have four museums there all are great but one of them is the new Museum of Springfield History. snipet from the...
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    Has anyone seen this...found this site while looking for ideas for "tube" gas tanks (not sure if they have a real name" lots of images of vintage MB "autocycles" on this site Auto-cycles Check the galleries under Autocycles I would love a tapered tube tank like on the 172 - 1923 -...
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    Leaf peeping fall ride

    Went for a ride the other day in Litchfeild CT near White Memorial state park White Memorial Conservation Center, Litchfield, CT Nice country roads and lots of nice views along the way. It's one of my favorite places to ride. Where I live there a LOT of steep hills. So I put my MB on a bike...
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    Hello from Connecticut

    Found this forum a few weeks ago. Lots of good info here. Thanks to all you experts out there willing to share your experience. Will try an return the favor and post some of mine too. My first motorized bicycle project is a 50cc Raw Engines kit on a Specialized Hard Rock Mountain Bike. I have...