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    Newbie Series battery wire length

    I am a huge newb for the Ebike thing, first build. I have been reading as much as I can and trying to suck it all up as I did with my china girl. However, it's time to ask some questions. I would like to run 3 4s 16.0 ah r/c Lipo batteries in series inside my rear pannier bags. I would like...
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    att: Machinist, What is this?

    Ok, so this is later whizzer ambassador fork made in taiwan. The seals are shot to the point fluid is leaking on to my disc brake. I figured while I had it apart I would shorten the length of tubes. Thought it might be easy and I could do it at home. Just wanted to shorten a couple of...
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    Photo posting test

    I can't remember how to post pics from photo bucket, so I am giving it a whirl."][/URL]