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    GXH50 heavy duty centrifugal clutch simple solution

    I have a stage 3 tranny and gxh50 motor on a SBP platform. I've been looking real hard for some clutch ideas on how and were to get heavy duty springs and how some other ideas include lightening the shoe with a drill by drilling weight out of the shoe. So after finding that my issue is a...
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    Honda GXH50 & Honda Elite CH80 carb mod

    This is what I'm shooting for. My Honda Elite CH80 carb is on the way used from ebay $71. I want to place it on my Honda GXH50 and am looking for options as it's going to be a tight fit. Here’s what I have so far as intake adapters are concerned. I'm also looking for other ideas concerning...
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    Honda GXH50 first build and introduction.

    .duh. Hello, I've finished my first build and thought I'd show it off while introducing myself. I've been ridding all my life and love it vary much. I'm looking around this site and am vary impressed with knowledge of the users and moderation of the admin's. I built an SBP 4 stroke on a...