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  1. TexasDav

    Loss of power

    I thought I have run into every problem that could happen with the 80 (69cc) china motor. I have fixed my motor with the help of the great people on this forum, but I am stumped this time. My motor has been running great after many bugs were worked out. It has been dependable transportation...
  2. TexasDav

    Welcome New Sponcers

    Welcome New Sponsors Welcome Fallbrook Technologies and King's Motor Bikes. This is the greatest formum with lots of great people here that are so so helpful. Sponsors
  3. TexasDav

    waiting on motor for riding lawnmower

    Checked the prices of riding lawnmowers, and figured I could make my own.
  4. TexasDav

    Twin Sprockets

    Has anyone done this; my brother had an old AMF Harley trail bike. It used two sprockets on the rear and a spring tensioner. You had to switch the gear manually. I was thinking that would work for these bikes. Have a 44 tooth sprocket and a spacer then a 36 tooth sprocket. The chain...
  5. TexasDav

    bikes used in willy wonka

    Was watching Charley and the Chocolate factory and was curious what were the delivery messenger bikes they used. Did a search and found they were "VeloSolex" French made. Well now you know(?)
  6. TexasDav

    White stuff on the ground in Houston?

    Strange white stuff is on the ground this morning. They closed most of the roads for the next hour and they say it will go away soon. Very strange!(?)
  7. TexasDav

    Super Fast Delivery from Husky

    I ordered a rear wheel from Husky last nite and got it this afternoon. WHEEL 26x2.125 rear coaster brake, 120g, steel (HD-120): Husky Bicycles I know we are in the same town but that was super fast. I could not have went there and back that fast. And it is a good looking heavy duty wheel...
  8. TexasDav

    Authentic three-wheel trishaw from Singapore

    Trishaw for Sale Authentic three-wheel trishaw from Singapore. English Raleigh 28" wheel bike with canvas-covered sidecar. This would be cool to motorise. Good price as well
  9. TexasDav

    Loss of power after high rpm's

    I have run into a problem. My motor has 300+ miles and I have repaired just about every problem those motors have out of the box. Air leak, fouled plug, bad wire, fuel hose. The problem now is. It has been consistaint and seemed to be broke in and smooth at 23 mph. This week it suddenly...
  10. TexasDav

    this scooter make me look fat?

    This scooter make me look fat?
  11. TexasDav

    ibike before and after

    apple101 built the bike and I added the final touches before giving it to my son. Shimmed the sprocket and added a fat tire to the rear, built side covers to hide a bunch of stuff, added fenders which have a heavy bracket on the front so it won't crack, put on the exhaust pipe, shorten all...
  12. TexasDav

    Indian Scout inspired

    Finished my bike.
  13. TexasDav

    safety tips for new riders

    I just went for a ride for the first time with my son and seen him pedal thru a turn. I was surprized he made such a basic mistake. Lucky the pedal did not hit and send him flying. So I started from the idea he knows nothing about the small mistakes that we all learned the hard way. On a...
  14. TexasDav

    Hello everyone

    Building a motorized bike using a beach cruser. Having lots of fun. TexasDav