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  1. charliechaindrive.

    Making it up as I go

    Sorry for the hijack here, but this is What I've been tinkering with, Steve Ccd
  2. charliechaindrive.

    1913 BSA copy

    Bump, great build. This needs to be seen by people again
  3. charliechaindrive.

    1950's Vintage Briggs Motorbike Build.

    That is absolutely beautiful, Mark. Now, where do I send the check to? :) Ccd
  4. charliechaindrive.

    1955 Road Master 79cc HF motor

    Very clean build Dave, simple and very effective. It's going to be bullet proof! Ccd
  5. charliechaindrive.

    1950's Vintage Briggs Motorbike Build.

    It just keeps getting better and better Mark! Ccd
  6. charliechaindrive.

    Maytag Flyer

    Cool! Progress is made!
  7. charliechaindrive.

    my henderson tribute

    ask and ye shall receive! school has ended, and summer has begun. inbetween mowing lawns and fishing, ive mad a bit of progress, and ill let the pic's do the talking for me. tadaaa motor the frame how everything sits back here home made rope cup still slowly plucking away at...
  8. charliechaindrive.

    Walmart FatBikes

    I shall call you sir cumfrence from now on lol
  9. charliechaindrive.

    Walmart FatBikes

    Hey draco, do you know who owns the motorized one? A few more pics would be nice. Ccd
  10. charliechaindrive.

    1950's Vintage Briggs Motorbike Build.

    This build looks like it'd be sweet if you were to convert the tank to a functional one.. Just a suggestion Ccd
  11. charliechaindrive.

    1950's Vintage Briggs Motorbike Build.

    Looks like you've got a good start on it! Ccd
  12. charliechaindrive.

    Walmart FatBikes

    Looks nice draco! And I've been thinking (oh no! Run for your lives!) That if a person had a bike shop dish the non-drive side of the hub out a bit so if you were to have either a rag joint or hub clamping sprocket adapter, the drive chain would clear the tire. You could probably trust...
  13. charliechaindrive.

    vintage engine build beat me to the pic posting, velo :P. But, the indian cradle spring frame has allways been something I've wantedto see replicated. You have amazing tallent, tom! Ccd
  14. charliechaindrive.

    my henderson tribute

    Built myself a seat today Used a 50's mens seat pan and covering, 30's womans spring hardware, and a few other pieces Tadaa if it holds together, I'm thinking of asking a girl in the sewing class at school to cover it in some distressed brown leather (which might actually be horse...
  15. charliechaindrive.

    Indian Tadpole

    What is this "summer" you speak of, SB? Is she pretty? good to see the spindles finally done, steve. and trial & error are your best friends in this situation. And pardon my ignorance, but what kind of motor are you using? Ccd
  16. charliechaindrive.

    Pre made BTR frames

    I was looking around on the interwebs, and an add poped up while I was onver on ratrodbikes. It was for a company, called ruff cycles and they make custom frames! Andi had seen the boardtrack racer inspired model,so I figured that id share it. With a four stroke kit and a monark fork, you'd...
  17. charliechaindrive.

    my henderson tribute

    Bullmtl; unfortunately, it's going to half to be a single cylinder. The small briggs vanguard v twin *does* fit into the frame (one was given to the schools ag department a few years back) but I'd probably half to use a torque converter with the big twin. And I actually have struck minor...
  18. charliechaindrive.

    Bonneville Flyer, chassis number four

    Looking good pat! And, I had an idea for a different, styled exhaust for the cruiser, because IMO the one you have now has a more BTR look. I made a poor photochop of an idea I had.. Ccd
  19. charliechaindrive.

    R E O II build

    Wow! Love the looks of the frame..